SSC Result 2020 Check Online

SSC Result 2020 Check Online

SSC Result 2020 will be published in 1st Week of May, 2020. SSC Result 2020 Kobe Dibe? Ans: May 1st Week 2020. According to the Ministry of Education, the date of publication of the SSC Result is 7th May, 2020 (probable). Dakhil result also will be published on the same day in 2020. SSC results will be handed over to the Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina at 10:10 AM by Education Minister of Bangladesh Dr. Dipu Moni. The full results of the SSC and Equivalent examination will be published at 01.00 PM at the official website of Education Board. Students will be able to see results via online and SMS after 1.00 PM on that Day. You will see results directly from our website very quickly. To get regular updates at, get help on our Facebook official website and our Facebook page.

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SSC Result 2020

SSC (Secondary School Certificate), submission and cooperative exams begin in the first week of February 2020 and ends in the final week of February 2020. In this year, there are 11 (Eleven) respective education board organized SSC Examination in all over the districts of Bangladesh. The madrasah education board is isolated and it is included with all madrassas in Bangladesh. Students expect their SSC examination result may publish after two months from SSC and equivalent examination completion date. So in this sense, the SSC result will be published in the first week of May 2020. But it can be delayed due to Pandemic Coronavirus.

How to Submit SSC Guardians Mobile Number in Jessore Education Board Website?

Jessore Board has decided to send SSC result 2020 to all the guardians’ mobile number of SSC examinee. In that case, they have asked to submit guardians’ mobile number to all institutions’ Head before 30th April 2020.

  • Visit the official website of Jashore Board at
  • Click The Institution Panel Menu from the left side of Our Service.
  • Login with EIIN and Password.
  • Now, Go to the Option of Examinee Mobile> Click SSC 2020 Menu.
  • And Finally, submit mobile phone number.

Regular Link:

SSC Result 2020 Fast/Quick Link: ‘Check Result’ For full marks submit registration number must.

InshaAllah, You can able to see your desired result from those links. If you don’t see any result view option then Refresh the link or follow this Refresh button to get your SSC result.



Passing Year:

Roll Number:

Registration Number:

Check Result online at

After publishing SSC results from the Education Board of Bangladesh, the results will be available on the Internet After 1:00 PM. People will get results via online internet and through SMS from 1.00 PM. Click the link we have added below. To check online you have to submit SSC, Dakhil and equivalent Examination info. Such as, Select SSC/Dakhil examination then, submit your registration, roll number, year of examination, board and a complete a little math answer that is called ‘Captcha’. After successfully completing all necessary tasks you will get your result with a new tab.

  1. Enter to this URL at
  2. Fill out the Examination Field as ‘SSC/Dakhil
  3. Select Your Examination Year ‘2020
  4. Then Select Your Education Board Name.
  5. Input your SSC/Dakhil ‘Roll Number’
  6. Input Your ‘Registration Number‘ as well.
  7. Answer of the little math question (E.G 4+9=13).
  8. After completing all fields, Press the ‘Submit‘ Button.
  9. After clicking the ‘Submit’ Button you can see your result.
  10. (Note: Fill out all the fields correctly, Otherwise you can’t get your result).

How to Check SSC Result Online at

  1. 1:At very first, You have to visit here at
  2. 2: Now, Choose SSC/HSC/JSC Result Option.
  3. 3: Select SSC/Dakhil/Equivalent,
  4. 4: Now Select Your Exam Year (2020)
  5. 5: Then, Select Your Board Name.
  6. 6: Select Result Type: Individual/Institution/Centre
  7. 7: Enter Your Roll Number
  8. 8: Enter Registration Number (Optional)
  9. 9: Then, Complete Security Key.
  10. At Last: Click The “Get Result” Button.
  11. After clicking the “Get result” button you will find a new tab with your result.

Board Wise With Full Mark Sheet Number Result 2020

After publishing the results, you can easily see your results with the full marksheet with numbers and you can be sure of the Golden A+ from here easily. All the Education Board’s official website has been given below. If you want to know your results very quickly with the full marksheet detailed number, then use the link below. (Note: To view full marks you have to submit registration number must).

How To Check SSC Result 2020 by SMS

To get the results by sending SMS (Short Message Service) from your cellphone, you need to send a simple message from a mobile operator to 16222. Go to the text message option, then type SSC <space> (DHA) the first three letters of the board <Space>Your roll number <space> Exam year 2020 and send to this number 16222. You may see more details information to see How to Check SSC Result 2020 by SMS from here.

Remember before Sending SMS:
  • Keep Sufficient Balance in your Mobile Account.
  • Send Message After Publishing Result Officially (AT 2:00PM).
  • SMS Can be sent from any mobile operator.
  • Response Message Can be delayed to be arrived.
  • SMS Cost 2.50 BDT Only.

Example SSC <space> DHA <space> Roll <space> YEAR to 16222 Number. (E.G SSC DHA 1224555 2020> 16222)

The example of Madrasa board is Dakhil<space> MAD <space> Roll  <space> YEAR and Send to 16222 Number. (E.G Dakhil MAD 1224555 2020).

Board NameCodeExam YearRecipient NO

Summary of SSC Examination 2020 At a Glance

In 2020, Total registered participants were 17,79,540 students. But 17,66,603 students participated, 12,937 Students were absent unfortunately of them and 22 students were suspended for illegal activities in SSC and equivalent examination from all respective 11 Education board of Bangladesh. Let’s see details from the table below:

Total Registered Examinee17,79,540
Total Successfull Participants:17,66,603
Absent Examinee:12,937
Suspended Examinee:22
Examination Centres:3565

Result Summary of Previous Year

Previous year in 2019 the passing rate of SSC is 82.20% from all educations board. GPA 5 got 1 lakh 4 thousand 594 students.

Passing rate: 82.20%
GPA 5 Got:1 lakh 4 thousand 594 students.
Result Published Date:6th May 2019
This year Published Date:7th May 2020 (Probable)

SSC Result 2020 GPA (Grade Point Average) System

We have Created a table here below for the subject wise grade and grade points with the marks range. Follow this table and find your GPA in SSC result.

Marks RangeGradeGrade Point

All Board SSC Result 2020 Online

If you are looking for Dhaka Board SSC result 2020, Jashore Board SSC result 2020, Dinajpur board SSC result, Rajshahi board SSC result, Chattogram board SSC result, Cumilla Board SSC result, Sylhet Board SSC result, Rangpur Board SSC result, Barisal Board SSC result and Madrasah Board SSC result 2020. Then you need to follow our website and the different board wise results links we have given in this article. এসএসসি রেজাল্ট ২০২০ ফুল মার্কসসহ দেখুন. If you want to get Full Marksheet SSC Result 2020 with Number, you have to read this article carefully. So, for seeing more details about board wise results and marks details then go to their own official board’s website and search your result with giving the roll number and registration number as well.

Dhaka Board SSC Result 2020

In this year, under the Dhaka Education board a huge number of students 3,62,917 have participated in SSC examination. All students and their relatives can easily get full marks detailed result of Dhaka Board Secondary School Certificate Examination easily from here. Because, Dhaka board can provide the ssc result with each subject number. This is very good news for all the students of Dhaka Board. However, this is the website that provides SSC results by full marks detailed number. The official website of the Dhaka Education Board is Recommended Article Link for Dhaka Board SSC Result 2020 with full Marksheet.

How to Get Dhaka Board SSC Result 2020 by SMS

Type: SSC <Space> DHA<Space> Roll number <space> 2020 & send to 16222 number. For an Example: SSC DHA 123456 2020> 16222

Chittagong Board SSC Result 2020

The SSC result of the Chittagong board is provided by itself on the web based result publication system. After publishing the results, students will be able to see the result with the detailed marks numbers of every subjects. In the case, you have to visit the Chittagong board’s own website and provide your roll and registration number to view full marks detailed result. Visit Chittagong Education Board’s official website at Recommended Article for SSC Result 2020 Chittagong Board Full Marksheet.

How to Check Chittagong Board SSC Result by SMS

Type SSC <Space> CHI<Space> Roll number <space> 2020 and send to 16222 number. For an Example: SSC CHI 123456 2020> 16222

Rajshahi Board SSC Result 2020

The Rajshahi Board is very knwon education board for it’s Famous result over the years. In the case of SSC Result of Rajshahi Board is available at So all the Raj students get their results without facing any problem from that website. Raj board’s students also can visit to check their own board SSC result. Get details mark sheet SSC Result 2020 Rajshahi Board. You may see here PSC Result Online 2020.

How to Check Rajshahi Board SSC Result by SMS

Type SSC <Space> RAJ<Space> Roll number <space> 2020 and send to 16222 number. For an Example: SSC RAJ 123456 2020> 16222

Madrasah Board SSC Result 2020

Dakhil Result 2020 full marksheet is available here. There are also JDC exam available for Madrasa students. Dakhil Examination is one of the important public board examinations of Bangladesh Madrasad Education Board. This is the Madrasah board’s official website Every students off the Madrasah board can see their result from here.

Madrasah Board’s SMS Process to Check Dakhil Result 2020:

Type: Dakhil<Space>MAD<Space> Roll number<space>2020 & send to 16222 number. For an Example: Dakhil MAD 123456 2020> 16222

Barisal Board SSC Result 2020

The Barisal Board provides the subject mark on their official site. So if the SSC exam subject number is a result of what you expect, then you should also visit the link provided to them. Their link and all notifications about the SSC exam results are available at See Barisal Board SSC Result 2020 with Full Marksheet.

How to Check Barisal Board SSC Result by SMS

Just Type: SSC <Space> BAR <Space> (SSC Roll Number) <Space> 2020 and Send To> 16222 Number.


Example Format: ‘SSC BAR 123456 2020’> 16222 Number

Comilla Board SSC Result 2020

Comilla Board has a tendency to display JSC, SSC and HSC examination’s detailed marksheet results. So every student can see their full marksheet detailed number (marks) of every subjects. If anyone wants to view full marks detailed result then need to visit this link Recommended Article For Comilla Board SSC Result 2020 with full marksheet.

Comilla Board’s SMS System to Check SSC Result:

Type SSC <Space>COM<Space> Roll number <space> 2020 and send to 16222 number. For an Example: SSC COM 123456 2020> 16222.

Dinajpur Board SSC Result 2020

This (Dinajpur) education board is one of the newest education boards of Bangladesh. Dinajpur Education board’s SSC Result can check from the website of You can also visit Dinajpur education board’s official website to find ssc result full marksheet number of Dinajpur Education board at You Can See Here SSC Result 2020 Dinajpur Board Full Marksheet.

Dinajpur Board’s SMS Method to Check SSC Result:

Type SSC <Space> DIN<Space> Roll number <space> 2020 and send to 16222 number. For an Example: SSC DIN 123456 2020> 16222

Sylhet Board SSC Result 2020

Sylhet Board’s SSC Exam Result 2020 can be found on the Education Board’s official website. You should also visit the Sylhet Board’s own website for your SSC result, SSC Scholarship result 2020 and for all other updates and results. The link to the Sylhet board is

Sylhet Board’s SMS Method to Check SSC Result:

Type SSC <Space> SYL<Space> Roll number <space> 2020 and send to 16222 number. For an Example: SSC SYL 123456 2020> 16222

Jessore (Jashore) Board SSC Result 2020

The SSC exam result along with the Jessore board marksheet are also available at You can find Jessore Board SSC result 2020 full marksheet by visiting If you want to Check online result so early you can visit jashore board official link from here. Jessore Board SSC Result Check Online.

Jessore Board’s SMS Method to Check SSC Result:

Type SSC <Space> JES <Space> Roll number <space> 2020 and send to 16222 number. For an Example: SSC JES 123456 2020> 16222

Total SSC Examinee in Jessore Board:1,48,537 Students
Absent in SSC exam:536 Students
Total Exam Centres In JES Board:286

SSC Result 2020 Mymensingh Board Full Marksheet

This is our last recognized new education board that was found on August, 2017. Mymensingh Education Board is newly nominated by the ministry of Education. This year there are total 1,03,876 student participated in the SSC examination under the Mymensingh Board. Mymensingh education board’s official website is

Get Here SSC Result 2020 Mymensingh Board Full Marksheet.

If you are a student of SSC exam of Mymensingh Education Board and want to get your SSC result through SMS, then type:

SSC <Space>MYM <Space>(Your SSC Roll)><Space>2020 and Send To 16222.


Example (SSC MYM 232122 2020> Send to 16222)

SSC Vocational Result 2020 Technical Board

Vocational SSC examination organizes and supervises by the Bangladesh Technical Education board. Official website of the (BTEB) Bangladesh Technical Education board is This year, many students have engaged in SSC Vocational Examination. If you want to see vocational ssc result via online, you can See Full Marksheet SSC Vocational Result 2020 from here.

SSC Vocational Result 2020 Through SMS

  • Type: SSC <space> TEC <space> Roll <space> 2020
  • And Send to 16222 Number.
  • Example: SSC TEC 123456789 2020 & send it to 16222.

How To Find SSC Result 2020 on Google

In recent era, google can give you everything you look for. If you search or ask something on, then google will provide you the exact results in a second. So, it is very easy to find SSC Results on To find your results from google you have follow few steps we have explained below:

  1. First, you have to visit
  2. Then, Type this keyword ‘SSC Result 2020‘ in google search bar.
  3. Now press the ‘Google Search‘ button.
  4. Then you can see at the top the official website of Bangladesh Education Board.
  5. Education Board Official website:
  6. You can see many articles about SSC Exam Result of different websites.
  7. Visit the official website of education board.
  8. Then submit there your roll, reg number, board name, exam year and get your desired result.

FAQs) Frequently Asked Questions

Everyone knows that, SSC examination result is 2nd board examination of Bangladesh Education Board. It is one of the most important board examinations of Bangladesh. SSC (Secondary School Certificate) examination of 10th Class which is called MATRIC examination earlier. By the way, there are many questions about this SSC examination and it’s result as well. People may ask us or search on Google these questions below.

1. Question: What is SSC Examination?

Answer: SSC (Secondary School Certificate) is the Second Board examination in Bangladesh. Class 10th (Class 10) students can only participate in this level of examination. Before, the certificate was called as Matric.

2. Question: When SSC Examination Starts?

Ans: In every year in Bangladesh SSC exam starts in the 1st week of February. This year SSC Exam was started on 3rd February 2020 and finished on 29th February 2020.

3. Question: How Many Students Appeared in SSC exam in 2020?

Ans:. Last year in (2019) total ssc examine was 27,11,474. This year (2020) 17,66,603 students participated in SSC or equivalent examination.

4. Question: How Many Education Boards Organize the SSC Examination?

Answer: Currently, Ministry of Bangladesh has total 10 Education Boards. There are Eight general education board, one is Madrasah and another one is Vocational Education Board.

5. In How Many Examination Centre SSC Examination held this year ?

Answer: A total of 3,497 exam centres appeared in this year..

6. Question: When Ends the SSC Exam 2020?

Answer: The examination finished on 27th February 2020.

7. Question: When SSC Result 2020 will publish? or What is the Publish Date?

Ans: Publish Date is now most wanted topic for ssc examine and their guardians. But, off the official website of Bangladesh Education Board, the result announcing date has not published till now. But we can guess a probable date which is 5th/6th/7th May 2020.

9. Question: What is the official website address of SSC Result?

Ans: Nowadays, Bangladesh Education Board has now two official result based websites. One of two is: and the second one is:

10. Question: Can I Check SSC Result By SMS?

Ans: Obviously! You can. To get the result by sending SMS from your cellphone, you need to send a simple message from a mobile or tablet operator to this number 16222. Go to the text message option, then type SSC <space> the first three letters of the board, <Space> Your roll number <Space> Exam year (2020) and send to 16222. SMS Charge is about 2.50 BDT.

Example: SSC <space> DHA <space> Roll <space> YEAR to 16222 Number.

(E.G: SSC DHA 1224555 2020> 16222 Number.)

Q: How Can I Check Online SSC Result 2020?

Ans: You can check your SSC or Equivalent result via online internet by visiting education ministry’s official websites at and

Conclusion Speech

If anyone can’t find SSC/Dakhil/Equivalent result then comment below roll and registration number with the board name as well. Hopefully, we will try our best to find your result as early as possible.

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